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K e n n e t h
        J i m m y

Programmer, Designer and Chess lover

AKA Glitzyken, I am a software developer in Lagos Nigeria. I build anything from mobile to web app. Feel free to say hi.

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app development

I build modern-driven web and mobile applications using modern technology stacks such as Node.js

ui/ux design

I create jaw-dropping mobile and web designs and prototypes using Adobe XD or Figma

graphic design

Creating illustrations, logos and vector graphics used for app development or designing a book, flyer, magazine, brochure or even a banner is a cinch. Feel free to check out one of my books on Amazon

Working on spasora.com

Currently learning Flutter

Leisure game is chess

Fun Fact: Sometimes I sing when I am alone with no one watching 😁


I am a full stack developer with a passion for thoughtful UI design.

Besides participating in many tech programs where I have been trained to have both technical and soft skills, I have acquired high level programming knowledge from taking online courses on Udemy, Pluralsight and Udacity, bagging a Node.js certificate, Expert in JavaScript IQ test and JavaScript Certificate respectively.

When I am not coding, I am either playing chess, soccer, video game, or watching a movie. Other times I am reading or learning a new language or framework.

Currently, I am a remote fullstack engineer at NovuGrid.

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Lagos, Nigeria